2000 Annual Report

Master Gardeners Expand The Human
Capacity Of Extension By 10 Percent

Master Gardeners contribute volunteer service equivalent to 100 full-time employees each year through Extension. This volunteer service increases the human capacity of Texas Extension by an impressive 10 percent. In 2000, over 4,150 Master Gardeners in 91 counties provided 219,815 hours of service. Equivalent to 105 full-time employees, this volunteer service provided a $3.1 million benefit to the State of Texas.

Along with their Extension agent and specialist colleagues, Master Gardeners are committed to providing high-quality educational programs in horticulture and the environment in Texas communities and neighborhoods. Mass media is one way in which Master Gardeners seek to meet the ever-increasing demand for home horticulture information. In 2000, Master Gardeners published 1,162 articles in Texas newspapers, aired 153 garden segments on television, and aired 418 garden shows on radio.

Master Gardeners also use the Internet for information delivery and problem solving. Twenty-one (21) Master Gardener programs maintain their own web sites, visited by thousands of surfing gardeners each day.

Master Gardeners contribute to the beautification of Texas communities and neighborhoods. In 2000, Master Gardeners led 214 beautification projects at schools, parks, libraries, courthouses, city halls, and other public grounds. In each project, Master Gardeners use the most recent researched-based, environmentally-sound horticultural techniques and plant materials.

Most Master Gardener programs provide speakers’ bureaus. In 2000, Master Gardeners made 1,151 presentations to over 39,303 people. These public presentations represent a significant outreach, and deliver Extension information to garden clubs, civic clubs, and other community organizations.

Master Gardeners are committed to preparing youth for the future through use of gardens as classrooms. Teaching academics, leadership, and life skills via gardening, Master Gardeners provided coordination and expertise to 1,711 school gardens in 2000. Some 54,595 students (42 percent ethnic minorities) were exposed to the wonders of gardening and their environment.

The Master Gardener program enhances the ability of Extension to meet local educational needs. Master Gardeners provide leadership and support to educational programs targeting critical issues, including youth development, environmental stewardship, water conservation, and leadership development. The dedication of Master Gardeners has allowed Extension to multiply its efforts and continue to expand educational programs to new audiences across the state.

2000 Texas Master Gardener Activities
Newspaper articles published 1,162
Television segments aired 153
Radio shows aired 418
Local web sites maintained 21
Beautification projects led 214
School gardens coordinated 1,711 projects reached 54,595
(42% ethnic minorities)
Speaking engagements made 1,151 presentations reached 39,303

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