Master Gardener Specialist

Purpose:To provide advanced training whereby a corps of Master Gardeners can obtain a specialization which supports or expands specific county educational programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

Guidelines: The primary purpose of a Specialist program is not to designate “experts” in a field of study or topic; rather, it is designed to identify Master Gardeners who have received special training to support specific county educational programs or projects.

Specialist training should be designed to empower the Master Gardener with the knowledge and skills required to effectively support designate programs or projects. This may include administration of projects, training of Master Gardeners, clientele presentations, and/or applied research and demonstrations.

Basic Requirement: To be eligible for a Specialist designation, an individual must possess an up-to-date Master Gardener certification.

Training and Volunteer Requirements: Specialist training should be a minimum of 16 hours in length.  Hours of training will depend on subject matter and level of expertise to be obtained.  Training might include: formal classroom training, field trips and tours, mentoring by experts, and/or self-directed study.  Following completion of the training requirement, an individual should complete a minimum  20 hours of volunteer service in a designated program or project to obtain this title of Master Gardener Specialist.

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