Tree Care Advanced Training

Advanced Training Program Purpose and information:

The Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care program is designed to provide advanced training and resources whereby Master Gardeners can obtain specialization in areas that support or expand designated educational programs of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services.

To become a certified Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care, Master Gardeners are required to attend the Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care to fulfill training requirements and subsequently meet service requirements described below. This certification does not empower the individual with supervisory or administrative authority within her/his local county programs.

Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care training will be comprised of high-quality training including tree benefits, tree biology and function, site selection, tree species selection, proper planting techniques, proper training and pruning, tree nutrition, common stress factors, alleviating soil compaction, abiotic tree problems, common pests and diseases, tree risk assessment, legal issues and hiring a professional arborist.

Participation requirements:

To be eligible for the Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care, an individual must possess an up-to-date Master Gardener certification, or be an employee of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Master Gardener applicants must be approved by their local County Extension Agent.

Service Requirements:
Service requirements include, but are not limited to:
• Attending the Tree Care advanced training
• Volunteering 20 hours above and beyond the county’s current volunteer obligation
• Serving as a local Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care resource in the Extension program for a minimum of one year
• Assisting in educating Master Gardeners, interns, and the public in tree care
• Increasing client awareness of tree care through presentations, training, and mass media efforts (i.e. radio, newspaper, social media, television, and newsletters)
• Submitting a completed Tree Care Advanced Training Volunteer Report Form as directed for certification
• Optional: submitting TMGA reimbursement paperwork

Advanced Training recognition and certification:
Upon completion of the Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care service requirements, the Master Gardener will be awarded a Master Gardener Advanced Training certificate and lapel pin.

Resources available to the Master Gardener Advanced Training: Tree Care
• Tree Care advanced training and networking with presenters
• Educational materials on Tree Care
• Direct access to the Texas A&M Extension Services County Extension Agent – Horticulture

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